WVU Extension Service

Reading Your Payroll Statement

Not all of the benefits are deducted from both semimonthly pay cycles and not all benefit eligible employees are enrolled in all of the available benefits. To assist you in interpreting your direct deposit or paycheck statement, here is an alphabetical listing of Extension employees’ deduction abbreviations, the benefit name, and the cycle from which it is deducted. The mid-month payday is Cycle 1 and the end of month payday is Cycle 2.

Deduction Abbreviation Benefit Name Cycle 1 Deducted Cycle 2 Deducted
AIG LIFE INSURE AIG Group Accident Insurance (pre-tax)   X
BONDS U.S. Savings Bonds X X
FEDERAL W/H TAX Federal Withholding Income Tax X X
FICA TAX Social Security Tax X X
HI ED DED #1 TIAA Long-Term Care   X
HI ED INS ES #2 Optional Life Insurance Escrow (over $40,000) (post-tax) X  
HI ED INS ES #3 Health Insurance Escrow (post-tax) X X
HI ED PEIA INS ES #1 Health Insurance Escrow (pre-tax) X X
HI ED PEIA ES #2 Optional Life Insurance Escrow (through $40,000) (pre-tax) X  
HI ED TIAA DIS TIAA Long-Term Disability   X
INS AM FAM Insurance American Family   X
MFB LEGAL Mountain Flex Benefits Legal Plan X X
MORGANTOWN UWAY Morgantown United Way Campaign X X
MT FLEX BENEFIT Mountaineer Flexible Benefit(s) X X
MT FLEX DEP Fringe Benefits (i.e., Dental, vision, short-term disability, medical flexible spending account) X X
OPM CSRS RET Civil Service Retirement System X X
OPM FED BASIC Federal Employees’ Group Basic Life Insurance X X
OPM FED OPT A Federal Employees’ Group Option A Life Insurance X X
OPM FED OPT B Federal Employees’ Group Option B Life Insurance X X
OPM FED OPT C Federal Employees’ Group Option C Life Insurance X X
OPM FEHB PRETAX Federal Employees’ Health Benefits Insurance X X
OPM FERS RET Federal Employees’ Retirement System X X
PARKING PRE-TAX Parking Permit Fee   X
PARKING POST-TAX Parking Permit Fee   X
PEIA INS MONTHL Health Insurance (post-tax) X X
PEIA INS TS Health Insurance (pre-tax) X X
PEIA-OPT DEPEND Optional Dependent Life Insurance X  
PEIA OPT MONTHL Optional Life Insurance (Any plan over $40,000, remaining premium is post-tax) X  
PEIA OPT MO TS Optional Life Insurance (Plans through $40,000, premium is pre-tax) X  
SRA Supplemental Retirement Annuity X X
STD/DIS-INCPRM Standard Disability Income Insurance   X
STD-DIS/ANNPRM Standard Disability Annuity Insurance   X
TEACHERS RETIRE State Teachers Retirement X X
TIAA-SRA TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Annuity X X
TICKETS ATHLETIC Athletic Season Tickets Payment X X
TSP-CSRS Thrift Savings Plan-Civil Service Retirement System X X
TSP-FERS Thrift Savings Plan-Federal Employees Retirement System X X
WV STATE TAX West Virginia State Withholding Tax X X
WV UNIVERSITY E WVU Employees Federal Credit Union X X
WVU CHILDCARE WVU Childcare Assistance Program X X
WVU FOUNDATION WVU Foundation Capital Campaign X X
WVU STUDENT DUE Recreation Center X X
457 DEFERR 457(b) Deferred Conpensation Plan X X

If you have a deduction on your statement that is not listed above, please contact us.