WVU Extension Service

Marital Status Change

If you experience a martial status change there are several items for you to consider:

Name Change:
If you wish to change your name as listed on your social security card, you will need to request a new social security card from your local Social Security Administration office. You will need to take proof of the name change (marriage license or divorce decree) with you. It will take the SSA approximately two weeks to issue your card with your new name.

Once you have the new social security card, your name can be changed within the WVU Oracle system for payroll purposes and other related university services. You will need to complete the following forms and submit them along with a copy of your new social security card:

Beneficiary Changes:
Your designated beneficiaries for your retirement and life insurance do not automatically change if you become married or divorced. If you wish to change your designations, contact the WVU Benefits Office staff at 293-5700×4 to assist you with the necessary forms:

  • TIAA-CREF Retirement
  • State Teachers Retirement System
  • PEIA Basic Life and Optional Life Insurance
  • AIG Group Accident Insurance

Most forms are available on the WVU Human Resources Forms page.

Dependent Health Coverage and Life Insurance:
New spouses are not automatically added to your health coverage. You will have the month of the marriage and the following month to add the individual to your coverage. You can also enroll in PEIA Dependent Life Insurance during this time period. Contact the WVU Benefits Office staff for a PEIA Change-In-Status form to add your new spouse to either the health coverage, the dependent life insurance, or both.

Former spouses are not automatically removed from your health coverage. You must complete a PEIA Change-In-Status form to remove the former spouse in order for the WVU Benefit Office staff to contact the individual regarding options to continue the dependent coverage under the COBRA regulations. Former spouses are no longer considered eligible dependents to be included in the PEIA Dependent Life Insurance coverage and must be removed from it also via the PEIA Change-In-Status form.

Federal Benefits:
For those faculty members with federal benefits (CSRS, FERS, FEGLI, FEHB, TSP), please our office at 293-4555×3504 for the appropriate forms to change federal benefit enrollments or designations.