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Working with Diverse Populations

“Diversity is sometimes about counting people. Inclusion is always about making people count.” ~Steve L. Robbins

Social Justice must be more than just a theory. It must be our every-day practice to recognize, respect and recruit individuals who bring the best to our organization.

If we are to become an inclusive institution, we must recognize that there is strength in diversity. How do we become a strong and inclusive institution? Below are tips and activities that you can use in every-day activities.

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  • Show respect to everyone
  • Reach out to the “outsider”
  • Learn how to pronounce and spell names correctly—don’t be afraid to ask
  • Make an effort to learn about their home and be sensitive about it
  • If you know someone who is not fluent in English, speak clearly
  • Be yourself
  • Take time to listen and understand, even if you have to ask questions
  • Pay attention to the physical environment—whether you’re at work, a meeting or training

Understanding Other Cultures
Visit the Toolkit for Cross-Cultural Collaboration

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See this website’s Teaching Resources for activities to incorporate into your meeting or training session.


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