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Understanding You = Understanding Others

Understanding diversity begins with understanding you. We all must take an open and honest look at ourselves before we are able to truly address our own hidden biases and move beyond to create an inclusive environment.

The “Four Layers of Diversity” wheel shows the complexity of the diversity filters through which we all process stimuli and information. This leads to our assumptions, drives our own behaviors and ultimately impacts others.

diversity wheel image

—Internal Dimensions and External Dimensions are adapted from Marylin Loden and Judy Rosener, Workforce America! (Business One Irwin, 1991)

Download Drawing Your Personality Profile – ( small pdf icon PDF)

“Unity does not require uniformity.” ~Steve L. Robbins

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Stereotypes & Prejudices

Stereotype is a belief; prejudice is an opinion. Both are hidden ways we express bias. Identifying these is an effective way to learn 1) more about your own bias, 2) how to identify them in others, and 3) how to move beyond tolerance to acceptance. To learn more about stereotypes & prejudices, visit Teaching Tolerance.

Project Implicit, created by psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington, uses Implicit Association Tests (IATs) to measure unconscious bias. There are over 90 different topics that test thoughts and feelings. Click on Project Implicit to get started learning more about you.

“We see and understand things not as they are but as we are.” ~Anthony de Mello

“It’s not what you look at, but you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.” ~Ana├»s Nin

Optical Illusions
A fun way to learn how you see images compared to others is by optical illusions. These can be a great learning and teaching tool because they show how people see things differently and that not everything is as it seems. Try the following…then click on the image for the answer!

optical illusions family
What is happening in this picture?

Are you sure? You may be surprised what you find out at Visual Fun House.

For more optical illusions: